Presentations Conference Day- Day2 @WhereBerlin 2014

Thanks to all the speakers for sharing these great presentations with us. On the second day of the event our attention was dedicate to the Conference & Barcamp sessions.

                                            Conference sessions

“There is no such thing as a free lunch”

Speaker: Steven Feldman from KnowWhere Consulting


A Fast and Customizable Route Planner

Speaker: Peter Karich from Graphhopper


“The OpenCage geocoder”

Speaker: Ed Freyfogle  from Lokku


“Contextual Mapping with Mapbox GL”

Speaker: Konstantin Käfer from Mapbox


“Monitoring truck parking in real-time”

Speaker: Jörg Scharfe from ESRI


“Targeted Context Awareness: Indoor Guidance”

Speaker: Bernd Gruber from


“Combining algorithms and power of community to create the best travel experience”

Speaker: Dmitry Koval from Triposo


Presentations Barcamp Session- Day2 @WhereBerlin 2014

                                            Barcamp session

“Welcome to B2*… The new reality of the mapping industry”
Speaker: Gary Gale from Malstow Geospatial


                                           GeoHack Day

“Stereo-Vision-Aided Inertial Navigation for Unknown Indoor and Outdoor Environments”

Speakers: D. Baumbach, D. Grießbach, S. Zuev from DLR


“„Where Barcamp“ - Invitation Card ”

Speaker: Andreas Nikolaus Küppers from GFZ GeoLab


Presentations- Day1 @WhereBerlin 2014

First of all we would like to thank to all the speakers who participated at the forth edition WhereCamp Berlin.

The first day of WhereCamp Berlin 2014 was dedicated to “Navigation & Local Intelligence" 

Keynote Presentation 

Speaker: Markus Hallermann from komoot


"Routing Sketches, Learning from the Pre-Smartphone World”

Speaker: Patrick Niklaus fromMapbox 


“2014 - The Year of the iBeacon”

Speaker: Cornelius Rabsch from BeaconInside


“Barrier-Free Indoor-Routing for Increased Mobility and Accessibility Using OSM”

Speakers: Thomas Jakubicka, Marc Ullrich from MentzDV


“Exploring the Great Indoors”

Speaker: Joseph Leigh from HERE


“Traffic and Big Data: From the Individual Experience to a Comprehensive Traffic Service”

Speaker: Nicolaus Witte from TomTom


“Connect IQ – The wearables platform to extend geospatial use cases”

Speaker: Martin Treiblmayr from Garmin


“From locations to audiences - Leveraging local context for mobile advertising”

Daniel Rieber  from adsquare


“Making Contextual awareness a reality on a mass scale while keeping it personal”

Speakers: Dan Atzmon, Hadar Dubin from Yandex


“Combining routing & fuel strategies using OSM”

Speakers: Kai Muennecke, Michael Klingsöhr from Bosch SoftTec


skobbler by Telenav – smart location-based services @WhereBerlin 2014


“We know digital maps. We love OpenStreetMap (OSM). Our passion is to create smart location-aware apps for end-consumers and advanced maps technology for professionals and enthusiasts.”

“Our industry-leading map technology stack allows you to harness the power of OpenStreetMap (OSM) in your mobile apps and web services. Get started for free and enhance your offering based on the best global digital map. Check out our developer platform for more information.

skobbler by Telenav is proud to be a sponsor of WhereCamp Berlin 2014. Looking forward to meeting you there!“

Download and share the #WhereBerlin poster!

The official poster for WhereCampBerlin 2014 is ready to be printed!

You can download it and share it with your friends, colleagues and other geo-enthusiasts.


Here you can find the poster in different formats: A2, A3, A4.
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ArcGIS – The Power of Location

Esri is proud to be again a sponsor of the exciting and innovative Where Camp Berlin!

“Are you building applications for web, mobile or desktop? Then let us show you how the ArcGIS platform can boost your work!

Its cloud services, developer APIs, ready-to-use content and self-hosted solutions are the perfect solution to geo-enable your apps. Can’t wait so long? Then visit our developer website and subscribe for a free developer account to get immediate access to the ArcGIS platform.”


Yandex proud sponsor of #WhereBerlin 2014


“We are proud to be a sponsor of WhereCamp, the leading “unconference” on Navigation and Local Intelligence!

Yandex is actively developing various geoinformation services and has recently opened a Berlin office, which is working on the global version of our popular Yandex.Maps service and other related projects.

Take a look at our current job openings in Berlin here

Beaconinside sponsor at #WhereBerlin 2014

Beaconinside provides a trusted network with encrypted Beacons for maximum security and reach. Our core service offering includes advanced targeting systems, state-of-the-art analytics and instant heatmaps for efficient 1:1 communication.

image, sponsor of #WhereBerlin invites you the hackathon is a software company specializing in indoor localization and navigation. enables mobile applications to be more responsive of the location and offers immense opportunities for location based services for airports, shopping centres, enterprises, to name a few.

Together with Beaconinside, invites you to explore the opportunities indoor location and iBeacons offer. Learn more here:

Join the hackathon organized by

“The rise of indoor location” on 14-15 of November during WhereCamp Berlin




Lokku-long time supporters of geo-innovation @WhereBerlin

WhereBerlin is having great supporters in the geo area. Thank you Lokku!
“We are long time supporters of geo-innovation, via our brands Nestoria (, OpenCage ( and  #geomob (, the regular geo-innovation event we run in London. In addition we do seed investments in geo start-ups.
For example we recently invested in SplashMaps (, who make custom fabric maps for the outdoors.  I am pleased to announce that in November they will be expanding outside of the UK and customers will have the ability to make German maps. 
To celebrate we will be awarding free SplashMaps to the best WhereCamp speakers, as voted by the audience. 
We’re delighted to again sponsor a WhereCamp event." 
Ed Freyfogle- co-founder of Lokku & organizer of #geomob